Never Would've Believed It

One day about two years ago I was riding Angel out in the field when a hawk exploded out of the brush to our right. Now, she's a good horse, but she's only human - and she spooked, jumping a couple of feet left. Her reaction was faster than mine; I was like Wile E. Coyote after he stepped off the cliff. I looked down, and there was no horse under me!

But, my left leg snapped me back onto the saddle, and on we rode. My left hip, though, didn't feel so good. I tried ice and Advil for a bunch of months and it still wasn't getting better. Decided to see an orthopedist. After X-rays and MRI, he said, "Well, you're an ideal subject for a hip transplant". WHAT? ME? I'm not old enough, I thought. "We can try some more conservative treatment" he said, and we started with anti-inflammatories, then increased the dosage, then tried cortisone shots (in my hip - ow). All this time, I'd been saying I didn't care if I could walk...but I had to be able to ride. And one day, it got to where I couldn't.

"Okay", I said. "Let's go for it". Hip replacement is not what it used to be. I had a robot assisted anterior Makoplasty, and I was walking four hours after surgery. Twenty-three hours later, I was walking and doing stairs unassisted. I never even needed the walker I borrowed from an older friend. I went home the next day.

This is my new hip.

My Titanium Part

It's been six weeks since the surgery and today, I got back on a horse (not Angel - she's a little too leggy and she moves big. I rode my trainer's wonderful horse). I couldn't upload the video of today's ride. I'll work on it!

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