Life Continues

I was shattered by the death of Chey. I had never experienced anything like it - not the death of my parents - not 9/11. She was the center of my life. She gave me courage, taught me to be positive, she gave me a sense of self-worth. She taught me to be positive. She kept me in the moment. I didn't know who I was without her. She made me who I am.

I mourned for months, and I spent a great deal of time in meditation. Meditation became an important part of my life because of this, yet another gift I received from this golden creature. I understood timelessness, I understood that Chey will be part of me as long as I live - and I understood that there was another horse out there who needed me as much as Chey did, and who I needed just as much. I found her.

Mare with Chrome is how she was listed. Purchased off a kill pen. 12 years old, 15'2" fine conformation, sweetest eye you've ever seen. Sweet, willing horse. Good on the trail, good on the ground. She had an education at some point in her life. Looks like an appendix, but maybe that's because she was nearly emaciated - she has good quarter horse muscle in her chest and hindquarters. She is bigger and stronger than I wanted to go - but the look in her eye was so pleading, I literally couldn't walk away. She seemed to be speaking directly to me. "What's happening to me?", she seemed to say " me...I promise to be good for you". So I bought her. So far, she's being true to her promise.

Her show name will be Mare with Chrome Courage - because it takes a lot of courage to keep that good a heart after what she must have been through. Around the barn, we're calling her "Angel", because she is. We belong to each other, now.

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