Horsetalker, LLC was founded in 2006. Its mission is   to improve communication between humans and horses, and to expand understanding of and respect for these creatures to whom we owe so much.  

We are living in a golden age of horsemanship.  The legacy of wise and humane horsemen and women is changing not only the way we think about horses.  It is changing the way we think about ourselves. I discovered that pursuing horsemanship and pursuing enlightenment have a lot in common. Horses teach us about living in the moment, being present, finding peace. Horses have  qualities that  help humans heal from all manner of hurts, but especially, those of the heart. I know this from my own experience, and I hope to explore those qualities  here, as well.      

I hope you will ride along. I'd like to hear from you, too, and share your stories.   You can contact me at Horsetalker1to1@gmail.com. 


Stephanie Rogers was born in New York City. She has been an actor, singer, dancer, banker, writer; and spent every moment she could with horses, in NYC, Ireland, Morocco, and for most of 23 summers, in Wyoming where she found her heart in the cowboy way. In 2006, she quit her day job to pursue horsemanship full time. She is a graduate of the Trainer Education Program at Two as One Horsemanship, following in the John Lyons way.  The rescued mare in the picture and she began competing in 2013, and were the 2015 Champions, Western, Green Horse Division, in the Southern Dutchess Horse and Pony Association ("SDHPA"). She  has had articles published in Trail Rider Magazine and Equus. Her book, The Horse I Belong To,  is available on Amazon.com and through the link on "Newsletter" here.  There are videos from the book on YouTube, and she has been interviewed on Pawling Public Radio,  "Locally Sourced", on Comcast, and "One on One with Vin D'Aquino", also on Comcast.